7 Ways You Can Wear Corduroy Now Without Looking Like A Slob

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Hardy and hardworking fabrics like denim never really go away. They just seem dull and boring for a few fashion moments – which is when other fabrics swoop in to grab the spotlight. And most unexpectedly this year, the winning fabric for the next few seasons at least is turning out to be: corduroy.

From starchy offices to social clubs – wherever you go you’ll be running into corduroy.

Corduroy in a riot of colors – ranging from seafoam greens and salmon pinks to dignified blues, greys and classic tans – and worn as just about anything: jackets, dresses, shirts, shorts, waistcoats, baseball caps, high-rise and skinny pants… (Check out The Cords & Co, a trendy Swedish brand that is designing exclusively in corduroys for a full-on exposure.)

Vogue has already declared it “inescapable”.

But the question is: how do you wear corduroys without looking awkward, old and sloppy? God knows, it has been decades since anybody other than absent-minded professors, pipe-smoking grandpas and Austin Powers fans have favored this textured, lint-catching, retro fabric. And it’s reputation as a fashionable material in the 70s wardrobe hadn’t even been that good.

So here’s a timely tip sheet on corduroy styling that should help you demystify the trend and inspire you to embrace “the poor man’s velvet” in its exciting, new avatar:

# 1: Show Off The Colors


Corduroy in 2018 is anything but drab. So don’t worry about making `safe’ color choices right now. Wear pastels and bold, jewel shades with complete confidence because that’s the new way with this material.

# 2: Experiment With Textures


Layer or pair your cords with other nubby, raised or textured material. Like a thick knit sweater with some sleek corduroy pants.

# 3: Turn Up The Trousers


High-waisted corduroy pants turned up at the ankle are looking great this season. For men in particular, the silhouette is a slim fit.

# 4: Contrast The Collar


Wear corduroy jackets with a contrasting, shearling, denim or leather collar.

# 5: Go Head-To-Toe


Going head-to-toe with anything is a bit of a gamble, but you have full fashion license to wear corduroy top and bottom if you can carry off the mono fabric look.

# 6: Pick Up A Smart Waistcoat


A nicely-fitted waistcoat in cords works beautifully for both men and women. Add layers during cool weather for even more textural drama.

# 7: Top Up With A Corduroy Beret


Berets are all the rage right now. Get one in corduroy and you’ll probably be wearing it all the time, all year this year.

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