7 All-Time Favorite Cars Of NBA Players

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Ferrari F 458 Spider


• Being the biggest superstar in the NBA circuit is a job description that comes with the perk of many expensive cars. And King James, who’s a bit of a gearhead and a customization freak, is a proud owner of quite a formidable fleet.

But among all the Lamborghini Aventadors and Mercedes Benz S63 AMGs this man has owned throughout his career, the standout favorite is the Ferrari F458 Spider. With a powerful 4.5-L V8 engine and top speed of 199 Mph, the 458 Spider distills all of LeBron’s ball-dunking achievements into the glam of a single 562 horsepower machine. And the paparazzi loves it. Ballpark price: $ 270,000.



Bentley Continental Flying Spur


• The New York Knicks veteran confesses to a stint of wild spending during his rookie years in 2008-2009. “All I knew then was that I’ve got a lot of money, and I want a lot of things. I had a fixation on cars,” he said in an interview with Sports Today. So he bought nine.

Among them was the Continental Flying Spur that Bentley built to rival the Roll Royce Ghost series. With an eight-speed transmission and a twin-turbocharged, 500 horsepower engine, the Continental Flying Spur interpreted luxury and elegance like only Bentley can, and it isn’t hard to see why Beasley fixated on it during his early days of having newly come into money. Even if he rarely dressed to suit the sophisticated Bentley persona. Ballpark price: $ 189,000.



Bugatti Veyron


• With a net worth of over $ 85 million, 29-year-old Derrick Rose of Minnesota Timberwolves could probably afford to splurge on his $ 1.7 million Bugatti Veyron, the mid-engined sports car that has won Top Gear’s Car Of The Decade award (2000-2009) and holds the Guinness World Record for a top speed of 267.86 mph. Though, given Derrick’s propensity for accidents and injuries (that has earned him the moniker of “Glass Man”), one wonders if a speed fiend like the Bugatti Veyron that accelerates from 0 to 60 mph in 2.5 seconds is such a wise choice for him after all.



Mercedes Benz G-Wagon


• Arguably the best shooter in NBA history, the Golden State Warriors wonder boy got himself a tricked out G 55 with alloy wheels and a chrome finish, and though he has added more cars to his stable since then, the G-55 is still an all-time favorite. Priced approximately at $ 250 K, the vehicle is an epitome of luxury with a 416 horsepower engine under the hood, tailored, ventilated seats, hand-tooled leather door panels, Harman Kardon digital surround system and so much more.



Ferrari F-12 Berlinetta


• The Miami Heat star, whose second career after basketball could easily be in fashion, fell in love with the Ferrari F-12 Berlinetta, which won the International Engine of the Year Awards 2013 in the Best Performance category and voted Supercar Of The Year by car magazine Top Gear (2012).

The understated elegance of the Ferrari F-12 Berlinetta with it’s spare, uncluttered interior that belies the machine’s capacity for speed (the engine red lines at 8,800 rpm) is a perfect foil for D-Wade’s special sense of style. Ballpark price: $ 330,000.



Lamborghini Aventador


• A milestone, mid-engine sportscar named after a fighting bull that won accolades in the bull ring of Zaragoza, Spain and earned the Trofeo de la Peña La Madroñera for its courage in the arena. The Oklahoma City Thunder’s seven-time NBA All-Star gave away the Kia he won when he was awarded the title of NBA All-Star MVP and bought the $ 387,000 Aventador that was infinitely more suitable for his flashy, mercurial, over-the-top personality and style.



Knight XV


• The Knight XV (XV stands for `Extreme Vehicles’) is a bespoke luxury SUV, hand-constructed by Conquest Vehicles in a 6-month process that involves 4,000 man hours in their production facility in Toronto, Canada.

Available upgrades and options included a built-in oxygen survival kit, under-vehicle magnetic attachment detection system, multiple armor levels and a black box system. The Knight XV is armored using ballistic steel, with ballistic fiberglass fenders and bumper. The state-of-the-art security features include super tires that will run for 80 miles after being shot at and windows that can dodge AK 37 bullets. Now why exactly did the Charlotte Hornets center need to buy a $ 600,000 limited edition vehicle that could possibly withstand a full-frontal attack by a swarm of green aliens from outer space? We’ll never know…

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