8 Interesting Tidbits About Luxury Brand Bentley That Car Enthusiasts Would Love To Know

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# 1: James Bond Had A Preference For Bentley Cars

In movies, the dashing secret agent is seen as a die-hard enthusiast of Aston Martin car. But in every book written by Ian Fleming, James Bond drove a Bentley. In Fleming’s first 007 novel, Casino Royale, which was published in 1953, Bond had a 1931 4.5 Litre Blower Bentley, which he “drove hard and well and with an almost sensual pleasure.”


# 2: The Bentley Logo Is Changeable


• The winged B hood ornament is not the same on all Bentley cars. The number of feathers in the wing design (which denotes speed) changes with the type of car. For example, vintage cars have 13 feathers on the left and 14 on the right. Crewe Cars have 10 on both sides and Derby cars have 10 and 11. The original reason for changing up the number of feathers was to prevent forgery, but these days it has become a traditional hallmark of Bentley’s logo design.


# 3: Bentleys Take The Longest Time To Build

• Typically luxury cars have extended production times because of rigorous quality tests, bespoke manufacturing protocols and great attention to detail. But Bentley has one of the longest production times of all vehicles in the luxury sector. For example, each Mulsanne performance luxury car has a requirement of 399 production hours! (The stitching on the Mulsanne’s steering wheel itself takes 620 stitches and five hours to complete.) The Flying Spur is built in 130 hours and the Continental GT takes 104 hours.


# 4: Bentley Operates An Ice Driving School


• Instruction manuals are not good enough when you own a Bentley. The company holds an ice driving school in Finland, where they teach Flying Spur and Continental GT owners how to handle their cars in extreme winter conditions. And there’s nothing austere about the Bentley classrooms either. Guests stay at the Bentley chalet, which offers luxury accommodations, amenities and entertainment for four fun-filled days.


# 5: Bentley Is The World’s Fastest Car On Ice

• Bentley set the ice speed record in 2011 in Finland with the Bentley Continental Super Sports Convertible which broke all existing records and ran 205 miles per hour on ice.


# 6: Breitling Made A Special Watch For Bentley


• To commemorate Bentley’s Ice Speed Record, luxury watch-maker Breitling designed a special watch that was given away for free to people who bought the Super Sports ISR (ISR standing for `Ice Speed Record’).


# 7: Bentley Buyers Get A Photo Album

• The company records the production process of each Bentley and presents them in a photo album to buyers as a nostalgic keepsake of the history of their chosen vehicle.


# 8: Bentley Also Builds Furniture


• Bentley partners with Italian furniture brand, Club House Italia, to produce a range of furniture inspired by the time-honored craftsmanship and material selection that characterize Bentley car interiors.

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