Finally, A Street Date On The Eagerly-Awaited Maserati Alfieri: 2022!

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Since 2004, Maserati, the builders of “luxury, sports and style — cast in exclusive cars” has stunned the auto world with its fine line-up of ultra-luxury performance cars with timeless Italian styling, bespoke interiors and signature sounding power.

There’s the Ghibli sedan, the Levante SUV, the Gran Turismo and the Quattroporte blazing a trail on roadways all over the world with their Neptune’s trident logos at the helm. In fact, May 2014 was a record month for the company when they sold 3,000 Maseratis – a resounding testament to its seductive mass appeal.

But something else happened in 2014 that was far more exciting for car enthusiasts. Maserati released the concept for a flagship automobile that would crown their product line as the ultimate masterpiece: a fully-electric sports coup that would compete against Tesla for first place in electrification. They named the centenary prototype `Alfieri’, as a tribute to Alfieri Maserati, the founder of the company.

Expected to be available in coupe and cabriolet configurations with a lightweight aluminum spaceframe and fully-electric e-AWD powertrain, the Alfieri will do 0-62 mph in the 2-second range with a top speed of 186+ mph (300 km/h) – a lightening performance that would rival the new Tesla Roadster and upcoming Rimac C_2. In addition to the full-electric model, Maserati will also be offering plug-in hybrid versions of the Alfieri.

Maserati celebrated 100 years in 2014, and marked their centenary with this concept car with a stylistic paradigm that represented the history and tradition of the Maserati brand. The Alfieri also carries design elements that projects into the future that the company has charted out for itself.

They chose their most traditional car layout for the Alfieri: the 2+2 seat sports coupe. Inspired by one of the greatest Maseratis of the past – the A6GCS of 1954 – the Alfieri borrowed its proportions with a very long hood, a compact, rear-set cabin, a sharply slanted roof, rounded hatch, curvaceous wide shoulders, fenders added to the center of the body and a low-slung grille inset between the fenders. It’s a marvelously seamless display of both dynamism and balanced volumes that is in line with the base formula of most great Italian cars.

After a long, four-year delay in hearing news of the Alfieri going into production, the tentative street date now put out by Maserati is 2022. But the delayed schedule will be well worth the wait. After all, as a Maserati spokesperson has assured fans: “The Alfieri is not something trendy that will go out of fashion in a hurry. It’s a homage to Maserati’s sports heritage, and its design and performance value is going to be timeless.”

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