9 Ways To Get Extra Discounts On Auto Insurance – Without Having To Do A Thing!

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Extra-auto-insurance-benefitsDid you know that just by telling insurance companies certain things about yourself, you could snag extra discounts you weren’t expecting on your car insurance?

Incredible, but true.

Though not all insurance companies are alike, almost all of them will offer some form of extra rebates – if you only know what to ask for!

Your agent may not run through the possible discount list with you on their own initiative, because these `hidden’ price benefits do not help them make money. But they are there, and by disclosing certain information about yourself the next time you’re shopping for auto insurance, you can find out if they are available – and if you qualify.

# 1: “I Am A Good Student”

If you’re under the age of 25, a student, and a `good’ one, you may get a price cut for that. Just prove to them your GPA is 3.0 or more by showing them your scores!

# 2: “I Have A Security System In My Car”

If you have installed a car alarm or a vehicle recovery system, tell your insurance person that.

# 3: “I Am Married”

Just by getting – and staying — married, your insurance company can give you a nice discount as a wedding gift that divorced and single people will not qualify for. This is because you’re perceived as a `lower risk’, and therefore less likely to be driving around recklessly when there’s a family waiting for you at home.

# 4: “I Am a Homeowner”

This has nothing to do with bundling your home and car insurance together. Just the mere fact that you own a home can get you a discount.

# 5: “I Don’t Drive Long Distances”

If your office is nearby and you have a short commute, let your insurance agent know that. Driving short distances reduces time spent on the roadways and therefore there are less risks of being involved in accidents. Typically, below 5,000 miles is considered a low-mileage driver. And there may well be a discount in it for you for being a couch potato, staying home and playing video games during the weekends.

# 6: “I Am A Safe Driver”

No accidents, no tickets, DUI or other traffic violations on your driving record in the last 3-5 years? You’re a safe driver then, and showing your clean driving record to the agent can swing a price break for you.

 # 7: “I Took A Follow-Up Driving Course”

 If you have taken a defensive driving coarse, or you’re 55 years or older and have taken a brush-up driving course with the DMV, show your insurance agent those certificates.

# 8: “I Am Paying With My Checking Account”

 If you’re not using a credit card, and routing your insurance payment through your bank, that can reduce your payment.

# 9: “I Am An Early Shopper”

 If you’re buying insurance a few days or weeks before your current coverage runs out, you’re an “early shopper” — and that status by itself can qualify you for a discount.

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